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News releases President Vladimir Kim Honored with the Nunnopi Education Award of the Daekyo Culture Foundation


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"I have devoted my entire life to teaching Korean language and Korean culture to ethnic Koreans, but I have never been to Korea myself. I feel overwhelmed," says President Vladimir Kim, 79, of the Federation of Korean Culture Promotion in Kazakhstan. Kim was presented with the Nunnopi Education Award by the Daekyo Culture Foundation for his devotion to teaching traditional Korean music and Korean language to local ethnic Koreans. It was in 1982 that he founded the Federation of Korean Culture Promotion. He used to teach music at school after graduating from musical school in Kazakhstan, Of 320,000 ethnic Koreans living in Russia and central Asia, about 100,000 live in Kazakhstan. To them, Kim is known as “Godfather who teaches Korea.” "I will buy some Korean traditional folk song CDs for my pupils," Kim said. Park So-woon, Reporter [2007. 11. 09] The Maeil Business Newspaper
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