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News releases Ten “Nunnopi Education Award” Recipients Confirmed


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-The Daekyo Culture Foundation to present the award to Jung Gi-sang and others. The Daekyo Culture Foundation (Chief Director: Kang Yeong-jung) announced on Nov.7 that 'the 16th Nunnopi Education Award' ceremony and education seminar will be held at 10 a.m. on Nov. 9 at Hotel Lotte in Sogong-dong. The Nunnopi Education Award was created by the Daekyo Culture Foundation to uphold and appreciate the noble spirit of teachers committed to education with great cause, and this year marks the 16th anniversary of the award. Awardees for this year picked by the Daekyo Culture Foundation picked are as follows: * Elementary school category: Jung Gi-sang (teacher, Daeduk Elementary School in North Jeolla Province), Seo Dae-gi (teacher, Mado Elementary School in Gyeonggi Province), Ahn In-hyuk (teacher, Yongam Elementary School in North Chungcheon Province) * Secondary school category: Chang Dong-man (Principal, Siji High School in Daegu), Lee Won-chun (Principal, Seongnam Seo High School in Gyeonggi Province), and Cheon Young-ho (Principal, Goongnae Middle School in Gyeonggi Province) * Society-in-general category: Kim Soo-il (Principal, of the National Special Education Institutions for Mental Retardation) *Childcare category: Kim Ji-young (Hwangsang Day Care Center in North Gyeongsang Province) * Kindergarten category: Kim Myung-ja (Superintendent, Baehwa Kindergarten in Gyeonggi Province) *Overseas category: Vladimir Kim. Each of the ten awardees will be given award certificate, plaque, and ten million won in prize money Meanwhile the Daekyo Culture Foundation plans to hold and education seminar under the theme of 'Education Preparing for Future Society' on the sideline of the Award ceremony. Doctor Lee Shi-hyung (President, the Korea Research Institute of Natural Medicine) and Professor Jo Yong-hwan (Professor, Seoul National University) will make presentations with the subject of "Personality education on the concept of 'togetherness'" and “Education in the age of multi-cultural society” respectively. Jang Se-poong, Reporter, [2007. 11. 07] The Naeil Shinmun
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