Board of Directors

Building hope – Daekyo Culture Foundation

We build wisdom and strength to create big values.


  • Chunsoo Lee
  • Chairman of Youngnam Educational Foundation
  • Jaeha Lee
  • Professor at Sungkyunkwan University School of Business
  • Seonghyeon Whang
  • Professor at Inchoen National University
  • Hojun Kang
  • Daekyo Managing Director of Global Business
  • Gum Nan se
  • Director of New World Philharmonic Orchestra
  • Daewhan Kim
  • Professor at Dankook University
  • Gihun Lee
  • Professor at Sejong University


  • Ikrae Kim
  • Adviser of Deloitte Consulting
  • Cheolhyung Yu
  • BAE, KIM & LEE LLC, Attorney