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How great is the poetic mind of a child!

Daekyo Culture Foundation supports the unlimited potential and creative activities of children. The Children’s Poem Contest provides an opportunity for children to unleash their literary sensitivity and colors while cherishing their innocence of childhood.

the children's poem category of the 20th eye level children's literature awards contest(2012)

Children’s Poem Category
Category No. of winners Award details Entries
Individuals Grand prize 1 Certificate of merit / gift certificate to cultural events worth KRW 1 million 2-3 poems each
Gold 4 Certificate of merit / gift certificate to cultural events worth KRW 500,000 (two 1-3 graders, two 4-6 graders)
Silver 20 Certificate of merit / gift certificate to cultural events worth KRW 200,000 (ten 1-3 graders, ten 4-6 graders)
Partici-pation 50 Certificate of merit / gift certificate to cultural events worth KRW 100,000
Select prize 3% of all entrants Certificate of merit / books worth KRW 20,000 each
School groups Grand prize 1 group Plaque / books worth KRW 5 million each
  • - Winner of individual prize (scoring system)
  • - Leader award winner is selected from the grand prize winning school
  • - Must have 30 or more individual entrants to be eligible (2 or more poems per person)
Leader award (1) Certificate of merit / tickets to Intl. Book Fair
Excel-lence award 5 groups Plaque / books worth KRW 2 million
eligibility and how to apply
eligibility and how to apply
Area Creative children’s poems (any theme)
Eligibility Current primary school students in Korea
Picture books category Only online applications from the contest website are accepted
※ Please refer to the “Entry Guidelines” on our website (entries where any essential information is missing or inaccurate are excluded from the contest)
entry guidelines
  1. Entry period : Wednesday, August 15 – September 30, 2012; online entry closes
  2. Where to apply : Daekyo “Eye Level Children’s Poem Contest online entry page Go to website
  3. Tel. : Daekyo Media Business Team, (02)819-1092
Announcement and award ceremony
  1. Announcement: Monday, November 19, 2012
  2. Eye Level Children’s Literature Awards Contest website / Daekyo Culture Foundation
  3. · Award ceremony: Wednesday, December 5, 2012 (date subject to change; date will be notified when the winners are announced; winners will be notified individually)
  1. Benefits & rights of the winning entries
    • - This contest is held concurrently with the Eye Level Children’s Literature Awards Contest and winning entries (grand prize/gold prize/silver prize) are published as individual books. Publishing copyright belongs to Daekyo Culture Foundation for five years. (Please refer to website for further details)
  2. Winning entries are cancelled in the following cases:
    1. The entry is an unfair entry such as a plagiarism or it violates general guidelines
    2. The entry is a variation of a poem published in text books or it was edited by an adult (parent or teacher)
  • Host : Daekyo Culture Foundation, Global Youth Culture Foundation
  • Organizer : Daekyo Co., Ltd.
  • Sponsors : Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism / Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Trade / Korea Juvenile Literature Authors Association / Korea Children’s Poem Literary Society / Junior Naver