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Teachers need a firm standing in order to provide a healthy education. Youths can only unleash their creative passion in a secure education environment. Daekyo Culture Foundation supports our teachers. Because the possibilities of tomorrow can only be realized when teachers are confident in what they do.

Eye Level Education Award

Photos of Eye Level Education Awards

Since 1992, we have held the Eye Level Education Awards in order to commend the efforts of teachers who quietly do their jobs and embody the image of a true teacher. Every year, we receive nominations for teachers who dedicate themselves to realizing education reforms and open education. Using a fair screening process, we select and award teachers both in Korea and abroad.

The categories for the “Eye Level Education Awards” are: primary and secondary education, special education, early childhood education, lifetime education, education of Koreans overseas, and global education. We have found dedicated teachers who have embraced their students with great effort in areas such as the rehabilitation of severely disabled children, support for children without parents living in remote rural areas, and the establishment of a marine science hall.

Daekyo Eye Level International Student Sculpture Symposium

Photos of Daekyo Eye Level International Student Sculpture Symposium

From 2000 to 2011, we held the “National University and Graduate School Student Sculpture Contest” in order to discover creative and passionate sculptors. Categorized into university students, graduate school students and upcoming artists, the contest not only bought and exhibited works by young artists but has also supported them in the sculpting of artworks submitted for the finals.

Also, since 2012, we have been holding the “International Student Sculpture Symposium” in order to encourage the creative passion of art students around the world. Art students nominated and selected from art colleges both domestic and abroad camp together during the symposium period. They share their thoughts on the trends in sculptures and their philosophies in each country and create artworks according to their sculpture making plans.

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General Support

General Support photo

There has to be various types of support in different areas in order for values to be realized on the education scene. Daekyo Culture Foundation aspires to fulfill its calling as an education group by sponsoring primary, middle and high schools, universities and other education institutions.